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Calendar admission campaign universities in 2019

Calendar admission campaign universities in 2019

Calendar admission campaign universities in 2019

There is very little time left until the most important event in the life of applicants. This year, the admission commissions of universities start on June 20 and will last more than a month. You can submit an application and a copy of the certificate until July 26, inclusive.

The unified state exam greatly simplified the admission system. Now it is not even necessary to wait for the results of the exam, the reception at the university will receive points independently. For admission to the chosen specialty, an applicant will need 3 or 4 exams, 2 of which are mandatory for all (mathematics and Russian), and the rest is set by the university. For directions that require special creative, physical or mental qualities from the applicant, the university has the right to introduce additional entrance tests in the form of a written exam, interview or audition. The results of additional exams are summarized with the exam scores. As part of the selection committee in 2019, all entrance tests must be conducted before July 7.

Graduates can increase their chances at the selection committee with the help of the “Portfolio”. In sum, this item cannot add more than 10 points. The highest "value" has a gold medal or the results of the Olympiad, which the applicant has not used before. Points can also be added for sporting achievements, the TRP badge or the final essays. For applicants with disabilities in the selection committee of universities in 2019, new rules are provided. Now, when submitting documents, an applicant with a HVD can submit a document on winning the professional skills championship “Abilimpiks.

Also, special rules at the selection committee in 2019 apply to winners and winners of the All-Russian School Olympiad. Graduates with relevant diplomas are credited to the faculty of the university, according to the profile of the won Olympiad. But if the applicant decides to apply for a specialty that does not match the profile, then by decision of the university reception, he may be awarded 100 points for the unified state examination on a specialized subject without confirmation. Preferential admission to the university admissions office in 2019 is also granted to winners and winners of university competitions, confirmed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The list of the 2019 admissions office has 76 such competitions. A diploma of victory or a prize can provide the incoming budget space in the core direction, provided that he can score 75 points in the subject matter. When confirming the results of the Olympiad, the applicant can use the privilege in the university reception only once. Submitting documents to another direction, the applicant will participate in the general competition.

To refuse to conduct a selection committee in 2 stages, Russian universities are not going to. Therefore, after the publication of the lists on July 27, the applicant will be able to take the documents to the university reception office twice. However, we must bear in mind that in the first wave, which lasts from July 28 to August 3, the applicants occupy most of the budget places. However, if the applicant understands that he did not pass to the desired university in the first stream, he may try to transfer the documents to another university or to another direction. This can be done from 4 to 8 August. In the evening of the 8th, the full lists of applicants received on the budget are published. As for the admission committee 2019 for applicants on a commercial basis, as well as a correspondence course or a magistracy, for this part of the university entrants, the university establishes the dates independently.

Applicants who have not entered on a budget basis, participate in the competition for a commercial place. In the framework of the selection committee, universities independently set deadlines for accepting documents for applicants on a commercial basis. The average price for a paid branch in Russia is 300-350 thousand rubles per year. But in the "top" universities, the price can reach up to 600 thousand per year. At the same time, many applicants do not even try to enroll on the budget, referring to too high passing points in admissions in universities