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How and where to get a higher education in Moscow

How and where to get a higher education in Moscow

How and where to get a higher education in Moscow

The value of higher education in Russia is often exaggerated. Starting from secondary school, teachers and parents begin to put pressure on students so that they need to study well, otherwise they will not enter the university, and now there is no place without a higher education. But is a higher education important? And if it matters, where to go to study?

Despite the fact that the system of higher education in Russia has changed significantly since the days of the Soviet Union, nevertheless, it is worth getting a higher education! Because, first of all, higher education provides basic and academic knowledge that can be further supplemented and developed. In addition, student time is a great time to make useful contacts. Do not miss the opportunity to talk with classmates and people from the stream, with teachers and speakers at public events. But in order for 4 years not to be wasted, you need to choose the right university where the student will receive higher education in Moscow or in the regions.

There are many good universities in Russia, but if a student gets a higher education in Moscow, this will open more opportunities for him in the future. When choosing a university, you need to be guided by the question not “Where to go to study,” but “What do I want to learn?” Think about your inclinations and abilities. If the entrant to the physics and mathematics, it is worth trying to enroll in MSTU. N.E. Bauman or MEPI. Future lawyers or economists in Moscow State Law Academy, the Russian University of Economics named after G.V. Plekhanov or MSU. Extensive business and language programs are offered by the Higher School of Economics and the RANEPA.

When the list of universities, where to go to study, is made, you should think about the form of education. In the age of information technology, higher education can be obtained without leaving home. The remote form of education is now practically in every university, the same applies to the correspondence form. However, you need to understand that with such forms of education, the student will have to do a lot for himself, and he will be deprived of many student benefits. The best form of higher education for a bachelor's degree is full-time. By attending lectures and seminars, preparing for classes, the student will gain more knowledge than sitting at home in front of a computer. Moreover, it is quite interesting to get a higher education in Moscow internally, because classes and lectures are given by honored teachers, with many years of experience, which they are ready to share.

As for the payment for higher education in Moscow, the amounts vary from university to university. However, the average value stopped at 300 thousand rubles per year. But a student can enroll on a budget. The average number of budget places in Moscow’s universities is 40. By entering the correspondence and distance learning, the student will pay much less, but the process of acquiring knowledge will be independent.

For those who have already received a diploma of higher education and thought about the second, education is also paid. But to study at the second highest less time, and the requirements for students are very different. The programs of the second higher education in Moscow are practically in all universities. It is much easier to enter there than after school; it is enough to provide only a bachelor’s degree diploma.

By the way, it is not necessary to get a higher education in Moscow, you can choose a foreign university. True, the application process is more complicated, you need to know English or the language of the country where the university is located, and the price for tuition is several times higher than Russian. Applicants who have seriously set themselves this goal may receive a grant for studies or an international scholarship covering expenses. You can enroll in an international university for a master's degree program, for this you will need to provide a diploma of higher education and an average mark for 4 years, pass an international exam and pay for tuition. Master programs for foreigners are in almost all international universities.