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How to enter the magistracy

How to enter the magistracy

How to enter the magistracy

With the onset of spring, not only graduates of schools and future applicants, but also graduates of undergraduate studies begin to worry. The main question for students preparing to defend a diploma is whether to apply for a magistracy.

Education in the magistracy involves a more in-depth study of the specialty that the student received in undergraduate, and on average takes 2 years.

The master's degree is primarily chosen by those students who decide to engage in scientific activities. For them, this is a quicker way to graduate school. Moreover, training in the magistracy provides an opportunity to develop in the direction of pedagogical activity, since by the end of training, many undergraduates begin to teach

If the future bachelor after all chose to study in the magistracy, first of all he must provide a diploma of higher education. You can choose any program. But most often students who continue their education choose a program that intersects with the first specialty. But the magistracy can do and those who have long graduated from the university. Usually these people choose a program related to their place of work, and a master’s degree program for them is a way to get the necessary skills.

But to enter the magistracy in Moscow is not so easy. In almost all universities, applicants will have to pass several specialized examinations. Moreover, the higher in the ranking is the university, the more difficult the entrance exams. Many universities also require a portfolio or publication in scientific journals and collections as evidence of serious intentions. To prepare for the entrance can be on the basis of the university where a person plans to enter. True, almost all preparatory classes are paid.

Many people confuse the magistracy with a second higher education. But training in a magistracy is, basically, the final stage of the higher school. Without it, higher education is considered incomplete. As a rule, in the master's program, students study more deeply what they have learned at the undergraduate degree. This is not a new specialty, but advanced training and professional level.

Training in a magistracy gives the chance to receive practical skills which are so lacking to undergraduate students. On many programs, classes are held in the form of master classes, in which teachers share their professional experience. At the exit of the graduate student to get a diploma, you need to protect a scientific work or project. In fact, this work is the main goal and indicator of training for the magistracy.

In addition, to get a master's degree can be free, even with a scholarship. For this, it is also necessary, as for the first higher education, to pass the exams successfully and take a higher place in the ranking. However, your academic performance and scientific activities during the undergraduate program will play a special role here.

As a rule, when graduates doubt whether to enter the master's program, they choose between work and study. But studying for a master's degree can be combined with work. In most universities, classes are held in the evening and on weekends. Teachers are more loyal to pass. It is also possible to study by correspondence or remotely. But those entering the correspondence department must understand that in this case the responsibility for obtaining knowledge lies entirely with them.

Master's in Moscow is not a cheap pleasure. The average price for studying at a state university is 400 thousand rubles, and this is not the limit. This is another reason for the doubts of graduates to enroll in the magistracy.