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Top 10 best kindergartens in the world

Top 10 best kindergartens in the world

Top 10 best kindergartens in the world

In the modern world, young parents begin to study the list of pre-school educational institutions immediately after the birth of a baby. The reason for this - the lack of places in kindergartens in Russia. But for your child you want to find the best kindergarten. Therefore, more and more often parents who still remember Soviet preschool educational institutions with semolina in clumps, an angry teacher and broken toys pay attention to private kindergartens in Russia. But they are often not the best kindergartens.

This compilation contains preschool educational institutions from around the world, which can rightly be called the best kindergartens.


Garden Sjötorget Kindergarten, Stockholm (Sweden)

The garden is located on the lower floor of a residential building. Therefore, designers have tried to ensure that even with such an arrangement there is always natural light in the rooms at the expense of the full-length panoramic windows. Inside the room is decorated in bright colors that positively affect the child's psyche, imagination and creative abilities. Another feature is the small glazed spaces in which children can play, read and practice or retire if they suddenly get tired of the noise.


Sadik from Eva Samuel Architec, Paris

Another wonderful place from the list of preschool educational institutions, which deserves to be the best kindergarten, is in Paris. Surprisingly, the date the garden was built dates back to 1960. However, since that time the premises have been repaired several times and have been reconstructed. In the compact room of the kindergarten we managed to place all the favorite children's entertainment, including bowling and a pool. Designers also tried to ensure that children always had natural light, thanks to full-length windows. In small classrooms, crimson light dominates, which favorably affects children's mental abilities.

Kindergarten Barbapapà, Vignola, Italy

In this kindergarten, the designers tried to focus not only on the internal structure, but also on the exterior. The mild climate in this region of Italy allows children to spend a lot of time outdoors. Therefore, the whole territory of the garden is green lawns for playing. The garden itself looks ergonomic and is equipped with solar panels. Since childhood, little Italians have been taught to protect nature and use the useful and safe energy of the sun. In addition to the vast territory and spacious classrooms, children have a small stadium for physical education and outdoor games.

Kensington International Kindergarten Kindergarten, Bangkok, Thailand

This preschool educational institution perfectly combines a place to study and play. Designers tried to ensure that every detail in this kindergarten was aimed at developing the creative abilities of the child. This is indicated by the absence of sharp corners, bulging glasses, and transparent walls. In addition, the kindergarten has its own territory, which is made not in the form of an ordinary playground, but in the form of a racetrack, where small riders can give free rein to their energy, riding scooters, bicycles and running boots.

Garden Design Kindergarten, Vonslide, Denmark

This kindergarten has combined the ideas of not only designers, but also parents. Due to this, the room is fully adapted for the safe development of young visitors. Parents, led by architects and designers, set themselves the task of teaching children to think creatively and without borders. Therefore, this kindergarten became an example of the fact that the house is not only about square windows and a triangular roof. The roof of the building consists of teeth, and the room has almost no curved lines, all elements have a smooth shape.


Kindergarten COBY Kindergarten, Tokyo, Japan

This preschool educational institution fulfilled the best Japanese traditions: with taste and minimalism. In a fairly limited space, designers were able to combine multifunctionality and comfort. Next to the garden is a small park in which children can spend time in the fresh air. The room itself is designed in such a way that children from the first and second floors can observe how to prepare their breakfast or lunch.


Kindergarten in Terenten, Italy

The highlands are ideal for kindergarten. Here, children can enjoy the fresh mountain air and the picturesque, peaceful view. Therefore, children in Terenthen are equipped with panoramic windows on all sides, so that during classes children can draw inspiration from mountain views. The interior of the garden is decorated in warm lime shades, which have a beneficial effect on children's imagination and psyche. The kindergarten is equipped with a modern gym, where various sports activities are held with children. And this is not an ordinary physical education, as in kindergartens in Russia, but a real children's fitness and yoga. Training classes are also equipped with the latest technology. Everything has been done here so that children can have fun and productive time.


Kindergarten 8Units, Velez-Rubio, Spain

This kindergarten as if descended from a children's drawing. Designers have tried to reproduce this house in the way its children usually represent. It turned out an unusual room with a sloping roof and multi-colored windows, portholes. Inside the garden is decorated in bright colors. All internal elements are aimed at the development of psychomotor children in children. Designers made sure that even with the most fun games, children did not have the opportunity to hit. To do this, the soft floor is made in the garden, sharp corners are removed, and all the objects have a rounded shape.


Kindergarten Kita Göttingen, Göttingen, Germany

This is not just a kindergarten, but a real high-performance home. Germany is very concerned about the environment and tries to use alternative sources of energy. That is why this children's fully self-sufficient energy with solar panels. Here, as in all previous kindergartens, the walls are panoramic windows so that natural light is indoors throughout the day. Winters in this region of Germany are very cold, so that the walls near the kindergarten are made of a special material that does not release heat, but does not make the room stale, allowing air to circulate freely