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What is the "Gap year" and what is its use?

What is the "Gap year" and what is its use?

What is the "Gap year" and what is its use?

Gap year is an intermediate stage between leaving school and going to college or university. It is more common in the United States and other English-speaking countries, including the UK and Australia. The break can last several months or drag on for a year or longer.

Young people in the West usually travel actively during this period, take internships in their interests, or go to volunteer work in other countries.

Such experience is especially appreciated by foreign universities for admission, therefore, many educational institutions urge to wait for former graduates of the school with the submission of documents and find time for themselves.


You will be able to rediscover the world and reconsider your views. A break will provide an opportunity to analyze your true desires, to understand yourself. And, accordingly, in the end, choose exactly “your” profession;
You will get a vivid experience traveling the whole year;
You will have a chance to work in various fields and save up money. You will not only decide on your professional guidelines, but also get some financial independence from your parents at an early age, which is always useful.

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