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What profession to choose if you can draw?

What profession to choose if you can draw?

What profession to choose if you can draw?

In the modern world, the profession of an artist has practically become obsolete. Instead, there are many other specialties related to creativity and bringing money. Therefore, graduates who want to connect their lives with drawing choose architecture, web design or other creative areas.

The profession of architect is one of the most popular among both graduates and employers. This is a great option for those who want to make money doing their favorite thing, that is, drawing. And you have to draw a lot. But in the last 10 years, the profession of an architect has become fully computerized. Professionals make drawings not on paper, but in AutoCAD. To get the profession of architect, the applicant must pass two compulsory exam exams, and then two creative entrance exams.

If the soul of a graduate is more inclined to free painting than to a set of straight lines in drawings, he should think about the profession of a graphic artist. Specialty can be obtained at the Moscow State Art and Industry Academy. Stroganov or Moscow State Academic Art Institute. Surikov. Here, students who already have experience in painting in the form of a diploma of completion of the elementary art institution are taught art. Among the subjects not only "Painting" and "Graphics", but also "History of Art", "Organization of exhibitions", etc. Therefore, if the profession of the artist suddenly becomes different, with a higher education in the field of art, a graduate will be able to realize himself elsewhere.

For those who are frightened by the long 4 years of painting studies in higher education, the profession of a hairdresser will do. Specialties are not on the list of higher education, so they get it in college. For admission you need to pass the entrance exam for a drawing. During the course, not only hairdressing is studied, but also make-up and modeling.

The profession of makeup artist can be mastered separately from the hairdressing industry. This specialty is taught in specialized secondary schools or courses of visage. There are practically no budget places for this specialty, but the demand among the applicants is still high. As a rule, graduates prefer to get a college diploma in the specialty "Aesthetic Technologist", and then finish the individual courses of visage from a master professional.

And those who are fond of fashion, but at the same time like to draw, it is worth considering the profession of a stylist-designer or designer-designer. Higher education is provided for this specialty. But, as a rule, the competition for such faculties is very high. Applicants are attracted not only by the learning process itself, but also by a rich student life. Students of the Moscow State University of Design and Technology organize youth fashion shows and present their own clothing collections. For them, this is not just entertainment, but a chance to emerge as a professional fashion designer. Having finished this specialty, you can go to work in the theater and design costumes for performances.

By the way, the theater is a great place to realize yourself in the profession of an artist. There they take with pleasure artists, costumes, scenery and make-up artists. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get a make-up profession by completing only a visage course. The specialty is taught in colleges or schools of film and television.

The profession of the artist does not necessarily have to be associated with painting or visage. A good sense of taste and ability to draw will come in handy in web design or computer graphics. To master the profession of a web designer, it is necessary to learn programming, in addition to the artistic sciences, since the work of a web designer is based on the development of designs for websites and their layout. It is possible to master a profession, as in a university, having spent several years on it, but having received deep knowledge in programming and design. So finish a graphic design or web design course at one of the many educational centers. Courses last 6 months or a year and are designed for the student to practice a lot on their own.

Computer graphics professionals are in demand in the field of game design and cinema. With the help of special programs from the Adobe package and not only they fulfill orders for movies and computer games. In our country, this area is practically not taught, you can learn it at special courses or by studying independently. For basic education, “Design” or “Graphic Design” will do.