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Where to study after grade 9

Where to study after grade 9

Where to study after grade 9

The Russian education system allows to increase the degree of knowledge gained after grade 9. In the last few, the choice of where to go after grade 9 has expanded greatly. Many state and non-state technical colleges, colleges, colleges and even schools for schoolchildren appeared, which choose where to study after receiving a diploma in the 9th grade.

Institutions of secondary vocational education can enter not only ninth-graders, but also children who have received a certificate of completion of 11 classes. Although education for them and will be paid, but they can immediately go to the 2 course and study 2 or 3 years instead of 4.

When choosing where to study after grade 9 in the SUZ or at school, you need to consider several factors. SPO is suitable primarily for those who dream of a practical specialty. For example, a specialty nurse, dog handler or pastry chef can begin to master after the 9th grade.

Many schoolchildren choose secondary vocational schools also because they save time. After graduating from college at age 18, a person can already earn and move up the career ladder. At the time, eleventh-graders at the age of 18 are only enrolling in an institution of higher education, which will be studying for another 4 years.

By the way, after the ACT, you can enter the university. In this case, the list of places to go to learn will be much easier to determine. Because behind the shoulders of an SPO graduate will already be a specialty, which he can continue to study at the university. This is usually done by graduates of medical secondary vocational institutions.

Admission to the university through the ACT usually also simplifies the process of admission. Since after graduating from a secondary vocational education, a graduate no longer needs to pass the EGE, it is enough just to take entrance exams, while the chance to enter the budget is the same as that of eleventh graders.

At many universities, the diploma of secondary education is a prerequisite. This mainly concerns creative universities. If the applicant has already graduated from college, for example, at a theater university or conservatory, this gives him a clear advantage over other applicants.

Very often, ninth-graders who dream of a military or lifeguard’s career go by the ACT. In such educational institutions, in addition to knowledge, a sports-physical form is very important, which flourished in just 15 years. For boys, military vocational schools are a great way to realize themselves in life.

And in order not to suffer the question of where to study after the 9th grade, use our catalog of educational institutions.

But not for all specialties to get an education at a secondary vocational school is a good idea. Perhaps the best option would be to stay in school and think about where to go after 11th grade.

The university is suitable for those guys who, after obtaining a diploma, want to study science and advance in advanced degrees. This requires the basic academic knowledge that the university provides.

Very often, students with poor academic performance, teachers predict the future in the ACT. In fact, this is not a good option. While a person is at school age, he still has a chance to become diligent and improve grades. In college, the system aims to ensure that students independently acquire knowledge, without any support. Therefore, yesterday's Losers just have a chance not to finish their studies at school and not to receive any education at all.

When choosing where to study after school, think about the relevance of the future specialty and whether you will get tired of studying. For example, the path of a doctor through an ACT on average is increased by another 4 years + by 6 years in undergraduate and internship. But if you are dreaming about a career as a doctor, and not a nursing staff, then without a diploma of higher education, you will not be accepted for the position of doctor.

To understand where to go after school, carefully review all the information and weigh the prospects and their capabilities. And in choosing a place to go to study, our catalog will help you.