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Who is working to earn a lot?

Who is working to earn a lot?

Who is working to earn a lot?

For several years now, the “highly paid professions” have been one of the most popular searches in search engines. HR analysts say that soon many professions to which we are so accustomed will go into oblivion, among them teachers, lawyers, drivers, cashiers, etc. Therefore, applicants choosing a university in 2019 are wondering who to study to get well-paid profession in Russia.

According to the international service of HR-analytics Adzuna, the most highly paid profession in Moscow is a pilot. The average salary of a civilian pilot starts from 300 thousand rubles and with experience, and the number of flight hours only increases.

But not everyone can be a pilot, therefore, vacancies of IT specialists are firmly placed in second place in the ranking of the highest paid professions in Russia. However, it must be said that competition in the field of information technology is much higher than 5 years ago. In 2013, the market literally needed sysadmins and IT directors, so even inexperienced students were hired. However, now it is very difficult to find work in the field of IT without a portfolio and successfully implemented cases. But even despite the high competition in this area, the position of the developer is considered one of the highest paid professions.

Interestingly, according to statistics from Adzuna, teachers and doctors are on the list of highly paid professions in Russia. For example, according to the data of the service, the average salary of a school teacher in September 2018 is 90 thousand rubles, and that of a university teacher is almost 140. Approximately the same figures in the field of medicine. The average specialist in Moscow receives 80 thousand rubles.

A highly paid profession is an engineering specialty. Moreover, the average salary in this area depends on the profile and nature of the activity. Power engineers receive about 100 thousand rubles. At the same position as the chief engineer of production, you can receive 500 thousand per month.

Professionals in the field of economics and marketing, unlike lawyers, still confidently occupy the middle line in the ranking of highly paid professions. An economist with experience from one to three years in Moscow earns on average about 70 thousand rubles, the main economists have an income of 100 thousand rubles a month. As for marketers, this specialty is currently gaining popularity and becoming a more highly paid profession in Russia than an economist and accountant. The minimum salary of a marketer in Moscow is 50 thousand rubles and depends on the number of successful cases.

The consulting area remains stable. This area is especially popular among young students. The average salary of an auditor is 100 thousand rubles. It should be noted that the field of consulting is popular not only because it is one of the most highly paid professions, but also thanks to various case-championships, where students of universities, colleges and even schools actively attract. For students, this is a great chance to gain experience, new contacts and skills in consulting.

But despite the high demand of applicants for highly paid professions. In Russia, companies need middle-level employees. The number of such vacancies tends to 20 thousand. Companies are looking for cleaners, vendors, cashiers, security guards, etc., offering an average salary of 25 thousand rubles.