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Workshop of speech culture of Ioannina Mileyko

Workshop of speech culture of Ioannina Mileyko

 Workshop of speech culture of Ioannina Mileyko

The workshop of speech culture of Yanina Mileyko presents a course on speech technique and voice production “Oral Fitness”.

What will the course give:
- Understanding why your posture and body condition affect your speech;
- What should be the tempo of speech so that you are understood;
- How to breathe in order to speak fluently;
- How to wake up a beautiful natural voice;
- How to properly train articulation and diction;
- How to get rid of regional dialect:
- How to make speech logically literate, understandable and interesting.

You will gain a natural deep beautiful voice and learn how to breathe correctly during speech;
You will easily cope with any speech turns and difficult words;
Understand how to speak in order to be heard;
Get real and effective methods for the development of speech and voice;
Get rid of the regional dialect;
You will gain confidence in the negotiations and during public speaking.

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