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The Russian system of higher education is still considered one of the best in the world. This is due to the fact that in our country great importance is attached to fundamental and academic knowledge, on the basis of which students already form practical skills. In Russia, we operate both public and private institutions of higher education. It is believed that the level of education in public universities is higher, but, in fact, many teachers from public universities teach some disciplines in commercial educational institutions. Another thing is that in state universities a lot more budget places, but at the same time, the competition among applicants is still high. In higher education institutions of a commercial plan, there are also budget places, but there are very few of them. An interesting fact is that Russia is almost the only country where there are so many forms of education. Students at Russian universities can study full-time, attend all practical classes and lectures, or they can remotely or in absentia, passing only exams at the university or, in general, visiting the university only once to pass a diploma and state exams. There is also an internally-correspondence form in which students receive part of their knowledge at the university, and some at home. In any case, applicants need to pass the exam or entrance exams to enter the university. Passing points on the budget for state universities are high enough, for training on a commercial basis, sometimes you only need to score passing points. In order to enroll in some commercial ones, you do not need to take the USE. For example, the Moscow Financial and Industrial University "SYNERGY" accepts to its walls even those students who did not score passing grades in the Unified State Examination or missed the admissions office at state universities. If the applicant and his parents have a question about where to go to study, then the best solution would be to refer to the Catalog on our website. Higher educational institutions from all regions of Russia are gathered here. The catalog provides information on the available faculties and directions, as well as on the number of budget places, passing points and tuition fees. For example, the Far Eastern Federal University opens its doors to students from all over Russia. Students come here not only from the eastern regions, but also from the central part of Russia. The reason for this is a large number of budget places, interesting destinations (here is one of the best in Russia, the Department of Oriental Languages) and a convenient campus. Educational buildings and dormitories are located directly on the beach. Another popular university is St. Petersburg ITMO University. Applicants who in the future want to become IT-specialists are trying to get here. The university provides extensive development opportunities. Students are engaged in spacious classrooms and equipped with the latest technology laboratories. For students who study on a budget, there are several types of scholarships that encourage them to improve academic performance and scientific development. However, it is very difficult to get here because there are only 30% of the total number of budget places in each department, and there are more than 1000 people who want to get into the direction.