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User Agreement service Facultet.net

User Agreement service Facultet.net

Edition 1, published on 08.02.2018

The Limited Liability Company “Facultet.net” INN 7743247201, hereinafter referred to as “Company” provides services to any private individual, hereinafter referred to as “User”, by means of providing different services by the Company Site.

An unconditional adoption (acceptance) of terms and conditions of the present User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as Agreement) is considered to be a registration on the Company’s Site (according to p. 1.1 of the Agreement) or fulfilling any actions by the User directed to any usage of the Company’s Site including reviewing of the Site materials or any other actions directed to the usage of services and functions of the Company Site.

The acceptance of the present offer (Agreement) on any other conditions different from those stated in the present Offer or an acceptance sub modo is not allowed.

1. Terms and Definitions

The following terms and definitions, being included but unlimited, are used in the present Agreement:

1.1. Site is a content of internet pages located in the internet at the following URL: https://facultet.net, and utilized by the User according to the present Agreement.

Site Owner is the company ООО FACULTET.NET (hereinafter referred to as the Company), an exclusive owner of the Site usage rights including the data bases, informational material, graphic presentations, video files and other objects forming a part of the Site and also the Site Design.

1.2. Site Administrator is a person designated by the Owner to maintain a control of the Site and to commit other actions connected with the Site using. The Administration acts upon the authority of the Site Owner.

1.3. User Agreement is a text of the present user agreement between the Site Owner and the User, which contains necessary and essential conditions of providing an access to the Site, conditions of the Site usage by the User.

1.4. User is a Site visitor registered at the Site for the purpose of obtaining an access to the protected pages of the Site and the information concerning the educational institutions, educational programs offered by them and any other information located on the Site. Also a User is a Site visitor who uses the Site without registration.

1.5. Personal Account is a set of protected pages created as a result of the Customer’s registration at the Site. The access into the personal account is done by means of entering the login information into the Site fields made for this purpose.

1.6. Login Information is a login and a password for entering the protected pages of the Site (the personal account). An e-mail named during the registration or a telephone number supporting the obtainment of short text messages (SMS) can be used as a login.

1.7. User’s Profile is a Site part containing the personal data about the User including the name and surname, e-mail address, education, jobs and other information given by the User on a voluntary basis.

1.8. Data Base is a set of information about the Site users including the information from the User’s Profile located in the internet at the following URL: https://facultet.net.

2. General Provisions

2.1. The present Agreement defines terms and conditions of using materials and services located on the site in the Internet at the following URL: https://facultet.net by visitors and users of the present web-site (hereinafter referred to as Site).

2.2. For obtaining an access to the protected pages of the Site the User needs to do the following actions: to fill the registration form located at the following URL: https://facultet.net

2.3. Using materials and services of the Site is regulated by norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

2.4. According to Federal Law 152-FZ dd. 27.07.2006 “Concerning Personal Data” the User expresses the Company’s agreement for fulfilling the following actions, i.e. collecting, systematization, accumulation, storage, specifying (updating or changing), using, providing, blocking, elimination, seeking and collecting information about the User from the publicly accessible sources of information basing on details stated in the Personal Profile, with all personal data named by the User while being registered on the Site or in the process of the following Site usage including the corresponding User’s Profile for purposes stated in the Policy of the Personal Data Processing.

2.5. The present Agreement cannot be understood as establishment of agency relationships, companion relationships, cooperation relationships or any other relationships not prescribed directly by the present agreement between the Company and the User.

2.6. The Company does not pay any deductions and/or rewards for the benefit of the User for fulfilling actions stated in p. 2.2 of the present Agreement with the User’s Profile.

2.7. Concluding the present Agreement the User expresses his/her consent for the Company’s providing any third-party entity with a mandate for processing the User’s personal data located in the User’s Profile on the Site, stated by the User while he/she was being registered on the Site or in the time following, on the ground of concluding a corresponding contract with this entity.

2.8. By means of the present Agreement the User gives his/her consent to receive the Company’s messages via electric communication networks, namely: calls, postings via mobile telephone networks (SMS), also postings made with the help of online instant messaging systems (messengers WhatsApp, Viber and others) with the use of the contact information stated by the User in his/her User’s Profile on the Site or while he/she was being registered on the Site or during his/her following Site usage.

2.9. By means of the present Agreement the User gives his/her consent to process his/her personal data concerning the current connection with regard to the following statistical details:

  • user identification number given by the Site;
  • the pages visited;
  • number of page visits;
  • information concerning moving through the Site pages;
  • duration of a user session;
  • entry points (alien web-sites, from which a user can go to the Site using the link);
  • user’s country;
  • user’s region;
  • time zone, set on the user’s gadget;
  • user’s browser;
  • screen parameters (resolution, colour depth, page location parameters in the screen);
  • screen parameters (resolution, colour depth, page location parameters in the screen);
  • anonymous details concerning data entry parameters, mouse trajectory parameters, used key combinations without saving the data entered by the user.

Collection of the stated details is made by means of the Site mechanisms or by means of alien internet services including (but not being limited):

  • Rambler.top100;
  • TopMail.ru;
  • Google Analytics;
  • Yandex.Metrika.

The collection of the stated details is made for purposes of formation of the Site using statistics and providing the Site safety. The Company has a right to change the list of the used alien internet services without notification of the User. The alien internet services provide the storage of the obtained data in their own servers; the Company is not liable for localization of servers of alien internet services. The Company does not provide the collection of data and does not use alien services for purposes of obtaining the data concerning the exact location of the User.

3. The User’s Rights and Obligations

3.1. The User agrees and is obliged not to commit the following actions:

3.1.1. To locate, distribute, save, upload and/or remove materials (information) in contravention of the RF legislation and the international legislation.

3.1.2. To provide comments and feedbacks that can be viewed as violating the Russian legislation and the norms of the international legislation including intellectual property, authors’ rights and associated rights, universal moral principles and any other actions leading or being able to lead to the violation of normal work of the Site and its services.

3.1.3. To locate and/or to transfer by means of the Site any information in a form of a text, a picture, a sound or a program code that may be illegal, promotional, threatening, offensive, slanderous, deliberately false, rude, obscene, may harm other visitors of the Site, may violate their rights and legal interests.

3.1.4. To implement an executable code on-premises (client-side scripts: java-script, visual basic-script etc.), any implementable objects (java applets, flash etc.), to use frame and iframe, cascading style sheets, redefining, used on the Site, and also html-codes, violating the original design of the page.

3.1.5. To introduce oneself with the wrong name or otherwise misinform the Site Users and the Company concerning his/her identification.

3.1.6. To locate deliberately false information.

3.1.7. Using the Site, to locate and/or to transfer materials in the case if the User has no corresponding rights. It concerns materials protected by the author’s rights, trademarks, patents and also nondisclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements and so on.

3.1.8. To eliminate and/or to change any materials on the Site, if the User is not an author of them.

3.1.9. To use information about telephone numbers, postal addresses, e-mail addresses for purposes different from the Site subject (questions concerning choosing an educational institution and/or training courses).

3.1.10. To be registered using an alien e-mail or an address or a telephone number, for which the User has no rights to use it in such a way.

3.2. The usage of the Site materials without a copyright holder’s consent is not allowed.

3.3. If the Site materials including protected works of authorship are cited, the link to a website is obligatory.

3.4. Accepting the present offer the User expresses his/her full and unconditional consent to receive any informational messages from the Company including advertisements according to p.3.3. of the Agreement.

3.5. The User is obliged to become acquainted with a content of the present Agreement for purposes of timely awareness with its changes.

3.6. The Company is not liable for the User’s visiting and using the external resources, links to which can be located on the Site.

3.7. The Company is not liable and has no direct or indirect obligations to the User in the case of any possible or appeared loss or damage connected with any Site content, author’s rights registration and this registration details, goods and services available or obtained through external sites or resources or any other User’s contacts, which he/she has created using the Site information or links to external resources.

3.8. The User agrees that the Company is not liable and has no obligations concerning advertising announcements that can be located on the Site.

3.9. The User has a right at any time at his/her own discretion to eliminate his/her account (registration) on the Site including all data referring to this account (registration) by means of sending a corresponding message to the Company’s address hello@facultet.net, using as a source address the e-mail address stated during the account registration on the Site.

4. The Company’s Rights and Obligations

4.1. The Company is obliged:

4.1.1. To provide the User with a possibility to be registered on the Site, to create a Personal Account and to enter information into it;

4.1.2. To provide the Company’s customers with information located by the User including the User’s Profile;

4.1.3. To provide the User with a possibility to change or to remove information stated in the User’s Account at any time at his/her own discretion;

4.2. The Company has a right to block (or to remove) the User’s Profile on the Site without possibility to re-establish it and without explaining the reasons.

4.3. The Company has a right at any time and without preliminary warning to send informational messages concerning the Company’s or its customers and (or) Partners’ events, services of the Site and the Company, its Customers and (or) Partners and any other information including advertising announcements to the e-mail address stated by the User while being registered on the Site.

4.4. The Company has a right to use the information from the User’s Profile in any way, with the help of any means and on any carriers including by means of location on the Site and/or integrating into a data base, herewith the Company does not pay the User any deductions or rewards.

4.5. The Company has a right in any way and without any limitation to gain a profit from processing and publication of the User’s personal data (including by means of providing third-party entities with an access to them) located by the User on the Site in the User’s Profile (and also in a Data Base), herewith the Companydoes not pay the User any deductions or rewards.

4.6.Using the contact information stated by the User in the User’s Account on the Site the Company has a right independently or with the assistance of a third party that has been given an instruction to process the User’s personal data, to make calls for purposes of informing about some events of the Company’s Customers and Partners, educational programs and retraining programs provided by the Company’s Customers and Partners, which may be potentially interesting or suitable for the User aimed at obtaining higher education or retraining and the career development in Russia and abroad, and this is the reason why concluding the present Agreement the User gives his/her consent for such actions.

4.7. The Company is obliged not to give the User’s personal data to private individuals and legal entities that claim possible improper use of such information (sending unapproved advertising announcements, “spam”, giving information to other entities and so on).

5. Other Conditions of Site Materials Usage. Protected Parts of the Site and Passwords.

5.1. The access to the information located in the protected parts of the Site is allowed only to registered users, who obtained a password for entering the protected parts of the Site. The password cannot be given to other entities, and the User is fully liable for all that damage inflicted on him/her, the Company or third-party entities and caused by intentional or unintentional transfer of the password by the User to another entity. The User is liable for keeping the password confidential and for any Site usage with the help of his/her password.

5.2. Utilizing the Site the User agrees and admits, that the Company has a right to use his/her personal data including those presented in the User’s Account anonymously and in short form for statistical purposes and also for targeting of advertising announcements located on the Site.

5.3. Every Site user is liable for the information located on his/her behalf and for this location effects.

5.4. The Site is only a means of information transfer and on no account is liable for its faithfulness and applicability.

5.5. The Company makes every possible effort in order to remove from the site all negligent, inaccurate or deliberately incomplete information, but, as the final result, the liability for it rests with the entities who have located it.

5.6. During reprinting and other usage of the Site materials, descriptions of companies or educational programs and also a logotype, design elements, an external view and the Site structure, a website link is obligatory.

5.7. A logotype, a name, elements of design, appearance, and a common external view of the Site is an intellectual property of the Company and their use without a direct agreement of the Company is prohibited.

5.8. As far as the identification of the Site users is hampered on technical grounds, the Company is not responsible for the fact that the registered users are really those people, who they pretend to be and is not liable for the possible damage inflicted on the Users or other entities on this ground.

5.9. Using the information from the Site the User realizes and takes risks connected with possible unreliability of the information located on the Site and connected with the fact that some information may seem to him/her threatening, offensive, slanderous, deliberately false, rude, and obscene. If it happens, the User should immediately stop using the Site and inform the Company about such information.

5.10. The Company does not warrant that the software, servers and computer nets used by the Site is free of mistakes and computer viruses. If the Site usage causes loss of data or damage of equipment, the Company is not liable for it.

6. Financial Relations.

6.1. The services provided to the Users by the Company according to p. 2.1 of the present Agreement are free.

6.2. The Company is not a representative of any customers and/or Partners of the Company, who publish the information concerning provided services on the Site, that is why it cannot be liable for any obligations (including financial) appearing between the Users of the Site and customers or partners of the Company. Any such arrangements are considered to be bilateral, and the Company is not involved in them.

7. Dispute Resolution. Applicable Legislation.

7.1. The present Agreement and the relations between the Site Users and the Company including those being not regulated by the Agreement have to be regulated according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

7.2. All possible disputes caused by the present Agreement or connected with it, in the case of impossibility to solve them by means of negotiations, are to be solved according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation at the Company’s domicile.

7.3. The judicial acceptance of one of the provisions of the Agreement as invalid or unenforceable does not lead to invalidity of other provisions of the Agreement.

8. Final Provisions.

8.1. The present Agreement comes into effect from the moment of its acceptance by the User.

8.2. Concluding the present Agreement the User declares and warrants that he/she arrives at the age which under the current Russian legislation allows him/her to conclude the Agreement and that the User has the necessary legal and contractual capacity for concluding the Agreement.

8.3. The Company has a right at any time, at its sole discretion and without preliminary coordination with the User to change the present Agreement. After altering the Agreement, the Company informs the Users about it by means of placing a new edition of the Agreement on the Site at the permanent URL: https://facultet.net/legal_inf. The new edition comes into effect from the moment of its placement on the Site if another condition is not prescribed by the new edition of the Agreement. If the User disagrees with the alterations made, he has to refuse from the access to the Site, to stop using materials and services of the Site. The Site utilization by the User after any alterations of this Agreement means the User’s consent with such changes and/or additions.

8.4. The Company has a right at any time, including cases of violation of the conditions of the Agreement by the User, to terminate the Agreement unilaterally without any preliminary notification of the User about it and without any compensation paid to him/her. In the case of termination of this Agreement the Company eliminates the registration data of the User located by the User on the Site and other materials and also any information referring to the Site User.

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