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Perm State Humanitarian-Pedagogical University
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Perm State Humanitarian-Pedagogical University

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Perm State Humanitarian-Pedagogical University

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About university

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education
Perm State Humanitarian-Pedagogical University is one of the oldest universities in the Urals (founded in 1921). In the near future, the university will celebrate its centenary. Today PGPPU is an educational, cultural and scientific center of the Perm region. It has more than 7,000 students and more than 500 teachers and researchers.

Perm Pedagogical University is a full-fledged educational campus located in the center of the city. The university consists of more than 20 buildings: educational and economic buildings, dormitories, sports complexes, research stations.

At the epicenter of academic life are 4 academic buildings, where there are 13 faculties.

Each faculty PGPP has its own educational and laboratory base and economic infrastructure. The main buildings of the university are compactly located in the center of Perm, at the intersection of Pushkin Street with Sibirskaya Street and October 25th. The total classroom fund has 164 classrooms and 16 computer classes.

The main building, (Sibirskaya St., 24) contains most of the administrative structures, historical and philological faculties, the fundamental library, the Museum of Archeology and Ethnography of the Perm Ural, which has a unique collection gathered as a result of many archaeological expeditions.

In the second building (Pushkin St., 44), the departments of physical culture, legal and social-pedagogical education, the institute of psychology and the university-wide departments of foreign languages, philosophy and social sciences, cultural studies, psychology, pedagogy, and physical education, operate. Also in the second building are the editorial and copying departments, 2 sports halls for gymnastics and table tennis.

In the largest in area, building number 4 (Pushkin st., 42), there are mathematical and physical faculties, faculties of foreign languages, biology and chemistry, computer science and economics, most research centers and laboratories, is part of the collection of the fundamental library. In the same building on the ground floor there are 4 stream lecture rooms for up to 150 people. All classrooms have modern multimedia equipment that allows for video conferencing and video broadcasting. In one of the classrooms a special conference room is equipped, with the possibility of broadcasting events throughout the university, as well as on the Internet.

A little away from the university campus, on Perm’s only pedestrian street in Perm, is located the fifth building of PGSPU, where the faculties of music, primary classes, pedagogy and psychology of childhood operate.

In all buildings of the university multimedia equipment is installed for work in stream lecture and group audiences. The teaching process is provided with presentation and auxiliary equipment (audience dubbing and presentation system), which allows making it as convenient as possible for perception.

All educational buildings are united in a single VPN-network of the university. Created switching center with high bandwidth and information security. Mounted new structured cable network. In addition, the territory of the university is covered by a network of wi-fi access points, so each student has the opportunity to work in the Internet space.

Since university life is not only classroom training, for the effective training of qualified specialists in the university department there is the Upper-Kvazhva biostation, the oldest in the Urals, the Shlyki biological hospital, the Lyady sports complex. For entertainment events, rehearsals of creative teams of the university, there are two equipped assembly halls in the main and fourth buildings.

Separately, it should be said about the sport. Sport is an integral part of university life, and concern for the health of students is the area of ​​constant attention of the PGPP administration. The university has 12 sports halls. In the second building there is a gymnasium and a table tennis hall. In the fourth, there is a whole sports and recreation complex: sports facilities equipped for training, training and mirror halls, as well as a spacious hall for team sports. In addition, four more halls, including two for athletic gymnastics, were created in the hostel number 4 (ul. 25 October, 37).

In campus buildings there are 4 buffets and 2 canteens, one of which serves visitors around the clock.

Medical care for students is provided at the health center located in the building of the hostel number 4 (ul. 25 October, 37), where they can provide services for routine inspection, dental care, and preventive vaccinations. Other medical services are provided to students of the pedagogical university in the clinic of the PGMA named after. Wagner.

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