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The program of educational practice in obtaining primary professional skills - program 434 in the list of educational institutions
Information Technology
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Type of practice: educational practice.

Type of practice: the practice of obtaining primary professional skills, including the primary skills of research activities.

Ways of carrying out practice: stationary, exit.

Forms of practice: discrete.

1. Purpose of practice The objectives of educational practice are: - consolidating and deepening theoretical knowledge and the acquisition of practical skills in working with modern information technologies and information support systems for solving research problems; - obtaining theoretical knowledge and the acquisition of practical skills and competencies of research activities and independent work in the performance of individual tasks of educational practice.

2. Objectives of practice The objectives of educational practice are: - the implementation of individual tasks of educational practice; - study of the plan and stages of the main activities of the work on the chosen topic; - the study by students of the object and subject of research, goal setting, selection and analysis of scientific literature, as well as information of the international Internet on the chosen topic, the development of a hypothesis; - Conducting a scientific study and a synthesis of its results, the formulation of conclusions; - registration of results; - protection of the results. The main way of conducting educational practice is stationary in the non-profit organization of higher education.

Expected results of the development of the educational program during the internship. The educational practice is aimed at the formation of the following general cultural, general professional and professional competences: OK-7: ability to self-organize and educate the OPK-1: ability to use legal documents, international and domestic standards in the field of information systems and technologies; OPK-3: the ability to use the basic laws of natural sciences and modern information and communication technologies in professional activities; PC-24: the ability to prepare reviews of scientific literature and electronic information and educational resources for professional activities.

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