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Театральная студия
Studio of theater, dance and cinema "Lart"

Театральная студия

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Studio of theater, dance and cinema "Lart"

Acting school

from 3 to 18 years old and classes for adults


  1. Introductory classes (all ages)
  2. Selection of music for plays and productions
  3. Fairy tales, they play both in narrative and poetic form (3-7 years)
  4. Theatrical performances of various genres (drama, comedy, tragedy, musical) (any age)
  5. Scenery. Master-class on making decorations (theater work) (any age)
  6. Puppet theater (3-9 years)
  7. Finger gymnastics, Finger games (3-6 years)
  8. Testing aimed at identifying the features and accessories to a particular type of character (villain, goody, two-faced hero, the main role, the role of the second plan, etc.) (9 years)
  9. Comedy Theater. We learn to smile and laugh sincerely and from the heart. (all ages)
  10. Video viewing on the screen (if available) ballets, musicals, pantomimes with obligatory analysis of and discussion. (9-15 years)
  11. Reading fairy tales and works discussing the nature of the characters and their actions. And also give the task to come up with its ending, we discuss (any age)
  12. Costumes. Selection of costumes for a particular setting, the artist Consultation costume. (10 years old)
  13. Learn how to overcome stage fright, public speaking rehearse (any age)
  14. Basics of oratory (rhetoric), theses (10 years)
  15. Getting rid of the word-parasites (of any age)
  16. Speech to the audience (of any age)
  17. Staging the film (shooting movies) (8 years)