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Moscow Financial and Industrial University "Synergy"

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The correct choice of the faculty and the university for admission may depend not only a career, but also the entire life of the future graduates. Knowing this, many applicants do not dare to take risks and choose proven directions for building a career path. So many stories begin entering the specialty "Economy". The majority of students can not boast of precise understanding of what items in the faculty they have to study economics. As is clear from the name of the Faculty, course it involves the acquisition of knowledge on the functioning of the economy in all its sections. And for the development of knowledge, in addition to theoretical training in the main discipline, would also require an understanding of the history, the processes taking place in society, the mathematical theory, and sometimes psychology and foreign languages. In addition, the economist who want to learn professions and interests that are studying at the Faculty of Economy, should know that without such disciplines as: financial management securities market statistics Econometrics audit will be very difficult to become a full-fledged professional. Typically, the training program can include various combinations of subjects related to the professional economic activity - depending on the specialization of the future economist; but unchanged in each of the programs such items which can be found almost exclusively in the Faculty of Economics, whether public or private institution. This micro and macroeconomics, the world economic system, including international economic relations, business analysis, finance and taxes. In short, all that is necessary to face, in practice, the majority of graduates of economic faculties. Knowing exactly which subjects to study at the Faculty of Economics, you can try their skills, inclinations and abilities and assess their chances of building a prosperous, secure career after the development of this exciting, dynamic and desired specialty, as the economy.