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Mental Arithmetic
Dumbo, children's center

Mental Arithmetic

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Dumbo, children's center

An international program that promotes the development of intelligence, designed for children from five to thirteen years old. ALOHA Mental Arithmetic is a certified program whose goal is to train an accurate and quick mental arithmetic using unified teaching materials and techniques.

Mental arithmetic.

A tour of history.

Mental arithmetic was invented by the Turk Shen. It is based on the ancient abacus - abacus, invented more than 5000 years ago.

In humans, there are two hemispheres of the brain. The right is responsible for creativity, and the left is responsible for logic. Working with one hand, we include the work of the hemisphere opposite to this arm. Those. working with the right hand, turn on the left hemisphere, because with the other hand. The task of mental arithmetic is to use the whole brain. This is achieved by performing operations with both hands.

In addition, mental arithmetic develops analytical skills. Children learn this technique much easier than doing regular math